Historical Asia Events

Historical Asia Events

Asia events – The Dow Jones index is influenced by a number of things, and there are some historical events that have a major impact on this index. Just before the Great Depression Dow Jones fell and fell by a staggering 90% in just a few days, and this led to the following depression that is still remembered today. The 1929 crash is still considered the most significant historical event that ever affected the market. The accident started on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929, and lasted for four days but sales began to hit devastating consequences for the whole country.

In this case, we will discuss the other Asia events planner affecting the Dow Jones index is the recession of 1945. The index lost 19.3% of the period from June 1946 to October 1946. Another recession also affected the Dow Jones, as happened in 1953 runs from 1 January and September. 1 this year and caused a decrease of 7.5%. Another recession in 1957 caused a 14.1% fall in the index, and the 1960 recession caused the Dow to lose 13.9%.

In 1997-1998, the currency change more affected the Dow Jones average. First, in 1997 Thailand caused currency devaluation in Asia events when the country was eliminating the dollar for the currency. Then in 1998, Russia failed to make a number of bonds and the ruble has been devalued. This caused the Dow Jones down as well as the entire stock market. This drop is a huge 20% loss for the market.

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